Thursday, August 7, 2008

I am back

...I know it has been a while but now I am back. I didn't have access to broadband in the last few weeks and uploading stuff on a dial-up connection is a nightmare.

Didn't do much in the last 2 weeks other than relaxing and relaxing. Done a bit of cooking but not much actually. Invited myself back to Clonakilty....a bit cheeky but worth my while. Marjorie and myself cooked together some Indian dishes from Atul Kochhar's cookbook and it was yummy. We cooked spuds in a melon seed paste which had a nice kick to it as we added a bit of chilli. The chickpea curry was to die for with a real punch of chilli added to it. Forgot my camera and therefore no pics. We then headed out to Inchidony again and had a lovely walk down the beach and watched some brave surfer facing the 'waves'. We had a small bite to eat at the hotel and headed then back to Clon to jump right into the mad nightlife... ;-) Next day we decided that Italian is on the menu and we paid Mio in Clonakilty a visit. Nice food - nothing to rave about but also nothing to give out about. A stroll through Clon emptied my purse a bit but filled my shopping bag nicely :-)

Gordon and Marjory prepared some lovely samosas and I ate again too much but gosh, they were yummy. Gordon made them with puff pastry rather than the pastry the Indians normally use....that way it is a lot easier to re-create the dish.

Sunday, I cooked rabbit (dad had to get rid of some of his rabbits as the baby-rabbits needed some space). Marinated the rabbit with some oil, white wine and brandy, garlic and chilli. After a couple of hours of marinating it was thrown into the oven on a medium heat and the result I heard was tasty and least it looked the part. A visit in Hosford was a bit disappointing as I hoped that the Farmer's Market a bit bigger was but at least I got a honeysuckle for Sofie.

Monday saw me heading to Midleton to pay Sofie a visit. She loved the plant and we 'celebrated' by going to Shanagarry (Stephen Pearson had a sale on) and after a stroll around the galerie we went to the beach and had a lovely walk - a prefect ending to a lovely weekend.

And I promise that you will get some nice pics from the kitchen garden in the next few days.... so long

Came back Saturday night and enjoyed a lovely glass of rose and called it an early night.

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