Friday, August 8, 2008

My Kitchen Garden

The other day when I invited myself to Marjorie and Gordon, I asked my dad to dig out some new potatoes for me to take with me. They were so suited for the little spuddy curry we cooked that I am thinking of even more curry recipes to use them in.

Our tomatoes are coming on nicely, due to lack of sunshine, they are taking their time in blushing to a lovely red but we are patient....cause the reward will be outstanding.

I picked some lovely raspberries and I am in the process now to make the best Raspberry Vinegar ever.

Due to the wet weather my dad had to pull most of the onions so we are drying them at the moment in the garage and I think I will use the red onions for onion jam.

The beans are coming on nicely and I think they should grace my plate in a few more weeks. My dad is happy about his Kohlrabi and cabbage while I am patient and wait for the first tender leeks to call me....I love summer...

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Steffi said...

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