Monday, September 1, 2008

I made cheese

...called Labneh. Simply mix some salt with Greek joghurt and strain it in a muslin for 3 days...the salt sets the joghurt and leaves a lovely creamy consistance. Mix it then with some herbs, roll it into balls and submerge them in olive oil...lasts for ever..if you can resist. It is yummy with crackers or crusty bread..enjoy..
Simone from SlowFood got some rennet for me the other this space for some more cheese making


Anonymous said...

You´re fast, Elke! It´s Monday, 1 september?! :))))

Nice week-end,

Elke said...

...haha me and technic...I am apparently ahead of time ;-)

Anonymous said...

i must say that your cheese is just amazing, i would pay large sums of money for it = Linda

Elke said...

Thanks Linda,....I still got a's yours as payment for advertising my cheese ;-)

See you Saturday ;-)