Monday, September 15, 2008

Midleton Food festival

Saturday morning I went to Midleton to pay the food festival a visit. Sofie to join me for breakfast in Sage.....won't be doing that anytime soon again (not before 12pm anyway ;-)...anyhow....had a stroll around the farmer's market which of course is already an institution in Midleton but in honour of the occasion, Frank Hefferman and Darina Allen attended their stalls this time. A craft market was attached to the farmer's market and I met a lovely lady who makes the most loveliest of quilts....will be paying her a visit soon.
I moved then on to the festival itself. Stalls there included Green Saffron, the usual cake and pies stall - especially to mention Stolen Diamonds. A French Stall sold the biggest tin of duck confit I have ever seen (outside of Paris, I mean). Rasta Pasta was a stall not to be missed. The lovely ladies cooked some Caribbean delights and they brightened up the day.
Sofie finally made it out of bed and we decided to take a walk on the beach...would have been a shame being so close to it and not going. Enjoyed the day but is wasn't the end of it as I was meeting Caz and Anita later in town.

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