Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Baking Marathon

After Shaking our apple tree I ended up with a basket full of apples. And since Brown Thomas already opened up their Christmas Shop at the end of August, I decided to make mincemeat so that I am prepared when the first orders for mince pies are coming in (they are the yummiest). And since it would have been a sin not to make apple pie, I decided to make a deep one and ended of course up with to much pastry to jam tarts joined the parade. For some reason I also fancied to make chocolate can never have too many brownies...or can you?? And all this baking makes of course hungry so I made a mushroom quiche for lunch....and after this, I had to take a big break in the sunny garden and enjoyed a well deserved Barbera del Monferrato Minola 2003...This wine is produced using traditional methods and the grapes are grown in a biodynamic way. the colour is at first almost a dirty red but when opened abit, settles to a nice rich brownish colour. The taste is almost smokey but with rich fruit flavour at the same can imagine that the rest of the day was spent in idle sweet nothing...

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