Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wine Tasting at Bubble Brothers

As you all know, Bubble Brothes is my favourite wine merchant and as a special treat they are holding a wine tasting this Thursday at their headquarter. One not to be missed. I will be there. Read more here. Hope I see some of you there as well. Leave a comment for Julian so that he knows how many to expect.


Julian said...

Hello Elke, What a pity you couldn't join us in the end for a friendly and tasty tasting! I think we've shown how easy it is to arrange these mini-tastings, though; so if I have anything to do with it, there'll be more in the future.

Elke said...

Thanks Julian, I was really upset that I couldn't make it. And I am hopeful that this one is just the first of many tastings... my car seems to be okay. Just need to keep an eye on it. I am looking forward to your blog about the tasting and the announcement of the next tasting. Just the other day I said to Austin that it would make it easier for some people to make up their mind about wine if they had a chance to taste it beforehand.

Julian said...

A good time had by all in the end! And plenty of discussion of the best ways to help people know what's in the bottle before they buy.