Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cahors Wine Tasting at Fenn's Quay

....I can't believe it.....there is a wine tasting in Fenn's Quay and I can't go.....(Wednesday is breadmaking time for the next three weeks)...but I hope you won't miss the opportunity to taste some of the best wines around. I have had some lovely Malbecs from Argentina but I would have loved the chance of tasting the French variety. Let me know how it went....:-) Read more here

By the way, Bubble Brothers have a competition on at the moment. I am not a wine expert but in this case it is more a guessing game than a knowledge test...participate here ...happy wining


Julian said...

Hello Elke, Thank you for spreading the word. We're all looking forward to the event and to giving some publicity to the lively Fenn's Quay as well as to the wines. Happy kneading!

Anonymous said...


this estate from Cahors is simply terrific. Great wines and especially good with food.
The TOP wine is mind-boggling........

Take care,