Friday, December 5, 2008

An Irish Adventure with Food

An Irish Adventure with Food is the re-release of Paul Flynn's cookbook. As you remember from a previous post, he was in Vibes & Scribes last Sunday to sign his book. I haven't been to his restaurant, The Tannery' yet. Caz & Jan love the restaurant and the food, while Simone doesn't like it at all. Since I value both opinions highly in regard to food, I will have to go soon to find out for myself.

Anyway, I have been to see the man last Friday and tome he seemed more like the author of a bestselling novel than a chef but looks can be deceiving. He signed the book I bought and was actually very approachable. I was busy tasting the wine, which was a Shiraz and the usual suspects of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. Nothing to write home about.

Back to the cookbook... it is divided in ingredients rather than courses which seems to be the latest trend as Sky Gyngell and Marcus Waering did the same earlier. The photographs are stunning (compliment to the artist) and the book is filled with little stories. I think I will be trying the banoffi ice cream soon as it sounds delicious. He even has 2 pages of lemon recipes (and I do love lemon and lime), the lemon and basis tartare cream sounds an interesting change to the normal tartar sauce and I will give it a try next time I am cooking fish.
The instructions are not overly long but I feel that novices in cooking might feel overwhelmed.

You can buy the cookbook at Vibes & Scribes and it costs (gosh, I forgot actually but I think it was about €30).

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