Friday, January 30, 2009

Jamie Oliver got his own magazine

...and guess is a food magazine. Is it better than the ones I normally have?? Nope it isn't. This magazine celebrates itself and good old Jamie. He has also his own mail order service installed so that you can re-create all the dishes. You can buy infused sea salt (£3.50 for 250g) to cook the Fish baked in sea salt (and you only need 1kg of the salt).

I believe it is meant to be a very personal magazine but for my taste it is a bit OTT. Saying that, there are some serious good recipes in there and he includes close friends in his story. If you are a Jamie Oliver fan than this magazine is for you. Otherwise is it still a nice read.
So far I haven't seen it in Cork (I got it in Terminal 1 in Heathrow for £3.95) but I am sure that can only be a matter of time before it jumps up on Irish shelves.


Beth said...

I thought his magazine was really awful

Elke said...

Hi Beth,

I have to agree with you, I wasn't impressed either. Too much Jamie for my taste. It is more made to promote Jamie and to entertain. Which magazine do you think is the best out there??