Monday, February 2, 2009

Wine Tasting 31st January 2009

We finally had another wine tasting. It seems we are all so busy these days that we don't take much time out to enjoy the simple things in life. Last Saturday was a big exception as we met for our wine tasting.

This time we tasted across the grape Cabernet Sauvignon. It is the grape that is grown in almost every wine country and normally it is a save bet if yo have to bring a bottle to an invitation. I have to admit that I am not the greatest fan of Cabernet and I actually never order it in a restaurant. But I thought it could be very interesting to see what other people had to say about these wines. We were 10 people this time and it was amazing to see how different we all perceived the wines. Below are the wines we tasted and the results of the tasting:

1. Long Mountain 2004 Ruby Cabernet, South Africa 55.9%
2. J.P Chenet Cabernet-Syrah 2005, France 62.%
3. Aresti Estate Selection 205, Chile 74.5%
4. Aresti Reserva, Chile 2004 69.3%
5. Valle Central, Chile 2002 56.7%
6. Baywood Ruby Cabernet, California 63.3%
7. Didier Picot Selection 2004, France 64.5%
8. Douglas Green The Delivery, Cabernet-Shiraz 2006, South Africa 62.9%
9. Monastier Selection Grignon 2006, France 66.5%

Number 3 was the overall winner but as you can see nothing came over 80% (the judges are quite tough and not that easy to impress :-) the whole tasting just convinced me more that Cabernet Sauvignon is not a wine I will like in the years to come. Have any of you ever had a mind blowing Cabernet??? If so, let me know and I will try it out.

The food served was simple but according to the judges yummy. I made my first ever terrine (chicken & pork) and I have to say, it looked the part. I served it on dark rye bread. Salmon mousse was served with crackers but the aubergine rolls stuffed with goats' cheese and hazelnuts put the most smiles on the faces.

The next tasting is planned for end of March. Watch this space.


Ellen & Adrian said...

hiya, hope you dont mind me commenting on your blog, but we are holding a wine tasting in Galway on Wednesday night at 8 in nimmos if you happen to be in the area or have friends here. The main aim of the event is to meet new people who have an interest in wine. So its a wine tasting with a difference. You can check out more on the website

We are going to expand to Cork and hold events there as well, if you would be interested in doing a dine and wine event with us that would be great!


Elke said...

Hi Ellen & Adrian, thanks for letting me know about your wine club. I have posted it so that you get some more exposure.

I will be in touch soon and you can tell me all about your plans coming to Cork