Monday, January 5, 2009

The Restaurant-Magazine

I normally read 4 food magazines every month (delicious, GoodFood, Olive and Fresh) which are published in the UK and only directed to the UK market. There are some Irish based magazines but I am not the greatest fan of these. Anyhow, a couple of days ago I went to Easons and et voila found a new Irish magazine called The Restaurant and it is based on the RTE production with the same name. I watched this show a couple of times and was quite impressed with some of the celebs and their cooking skills. You find the recipes of the show in there as well as stories about producers etc. of course, you can also get the recipes on the RTE website but the magazine is a lovely alternative to the website. Throughout the magazine you find 'food heroes' with contact details etc. Foodie news and restaurant reviews can be found as well as upcoming events (since I only saw the magazine a couple of days ago, most of the events have already passed). The food trail page covers also Cork (which is rarely covered in any Irish food magazine) and it shows the usual suspects like Cafe Paradiso, Fishy Fishy Cafe etc. so nothing new on the Cork front (and I am sure that there is more to Cork than Ballymaloe and the Farmgate.

A Masterclass is also included and starts of with sauces. I personally love a good sauce/gravy and avoid any packaged powdered sauces at all costs so I hope that this encourages people to try it the old fashioned way.

With €4.95 the magazine is reasonably priced. I couldn't find out how often it is published (the side of the magazine states annual) but I hope it will get out regularly. Let me know what you think about the magazine when you read it.

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