Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cooking DVD's

I love cook books (I actually read them like other people read novels) but the other day I went to the library and saw a DVD set called 'The Perfect Dinner Party'. The set consisted of 3 DVDs (only 2 were available) and I took the Starter and Main Course ones. I believe cooking is a joy and should be exciting but if I had never cooked before and watched these DVDs I bet I'd never started. It was boring, the two women had no chemistry together. The clips were divided by recipe but to be honest, I stopped watching after a few moments on each clip. I almost collapsed when they actually added cream to the risotto - and yes I know that restaurants are doing it but I still believe that this should be against the law.

If you have no imagination and you want to have some people over, these DVDs might be for you. But if you are like me and want some excitement .....stay clear of them.

Have you a cooking DVD that ticks all the good boxes??? Let me know about it.

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