Friday, February 27, 2009

Glamour Cakes

My good friend Sofie came the other day to see me and gave me this amazing book called Glamour Cakes by Eric Lanlard. He has been on telly recently with his Glamour Puds and I have to say that I was actually drooling over the telly (and I normally prefer savoury). Now I have the book and I have to say, this guy got talent. The book is mostly about decorating the cakes rather than recipes for cakes. But he gives you basic recipes for granache, butter cream and chocolate fondant. Step by Step instructions helps to fulfill the task ahead.

Since I am making Caz & Jan's wedding cake....I am sure I will find plenty of inspiration in this book.

Have I mentioned that Sofie gave it to me :-)


Anonymous said...

Did I mention the french man and you are the perfect match ;-)

Elke said...

Hi Sofie,

Yes, you mentioned it a few times :-) and I still think my hips can't afford an affair with him ;-)