Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kitchen Garden in February

...what a bleak month.....and cold....I don't think it has ever been so cold here (not in the last 9 years at least)....the ground is so hard that you can't do anything at the moment.

The strawberries are still uncovered with chippings and the raspberries are still under some manure. We are gathering some seeds at the moment (from the UK and Germany - good friends are sending them over) and of course here and will start sowing soon. So far we have planned potatoes (we are never not having them), onions (you can't not have onions), carrots, parsnips, beans, turnip and swede, beetroot, cabbage (all colours), tomatoes and peppers, pumpkin etc.

If one of you out there knows where to get sunchoke seeds (Jerusalem Artichokes)..please let me know. I love these little knobbly roots but they are dead expensive in the market. Although I love them so much that I actually pay the price.
What have you gardeners out there planned for the year???


Daily Spud said...

As it happens, I have just bought my seed potatoes today (3 varieties, no less!), my winter onions are mostly still surviving and the rhubarb is starting to show. Will put a few other things down when the ground warms up (which won't be anytime soon by the looks of it!) - will plant courgettes for sure, not sure what else yet. Roll on spring!

Caroline@Bibliocook said...

As far as I remember, I got my Jerusalem Artichoke tubers from the Organic Centre in Leitrim last year. They were growing great - until the rabbits decided that they were worth a bite. Where do you get yours? I was lucky enough to pick up a few kilos at the Killavullen Farmers' Market recently. I wonder would they have any to sell?

Elke said...

Hi Daily Spud,

my dad collects potatoes from early winter on if they started to develop 'sprigs' and he uses these as well. Worked well in the last few years.

Hi Caroline,

Have to pay the centre in Leitrim a visit then cause I couldn't find them here anywhere. The Farmer at the English market is selling them alright but a small bag sets you back €6...which is a bit harsh when you try to make a soup out of it.

Can't wait for spring to to come