Friday, March 13, 2009

Barcelona part 2

Sitting here at my computer and looking into the grey through my window...I wish I'd still be in Barcelona. We visited quite a few restaurants while we were there. Below are just some of them to give you an idea:

The first night we walked just around to get a feel for the place and found Rita Rouge by accident. It looks very dark from the outside but this is due to the fact that it is also a nightclub. The inside is a darkish but cosy (the seats are very worn). The people were a mixture of locals and so-called hip tourists who were a bit too loud for my liking but it seemed to fit in just nicely. The staff was cool and totally relaxed. One wall was dominated by the image of a red haired woman (I assume it was supposed to be Rita Rouge :-), another wall was covered with shiny gold curtains. What about the food you ask????..... a talented chef heads up the kitchen in there and I was happy out. I started off with hummus and crisps bread and salad - and as you can see from the wasn't as simple as I imagined it to be (yeap, the little tower was made out of crisp bread - poppadom-like and filled with hummus). Since the starter was richer than I imagined, I opted for the grilled goats' cheese on salad and mixed nuts - and was I happy that the cheese was quite young (too much of a mature cheese kills the rest of the dish I think) and the dessert of crepes with Dulce Latte went down just a treat. All that was enjoyed with a Real Crianza 2006. All that came to €20 incl. tip (yeap, the wine included - Linda and Sofie had also several course and we only paid €20 each).

This experience was just continued over the next couple of days as the food was generally good and in-expensive.

When you are in Barcelona, make sure that you pay the market a visit. There you will find a stall called Orgasmic (not joking). The food here is completely vegetarian and organic. They have a saying - you are what you eat (they must have UK telly). Anyhow, a lunch here will set you back €10 but you will be filled up for a long time. I had a pancake filled with goats' cheese and roasted veggies, topped up with a carrot dip, salad leaves, veggie paella and a bit of pasta.....might not have looked stylish....but wow it was yummy. All food is freshly prepared at the stall and the 'Lady of the House' is quite famous in Barcelona. So don't forget to pay her a visit (they speak excellent English - must be the telly :-)

More about Barcelona's restaurants tomorrow....

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