Friday, March 20, 2009

Grow your own

If you go regularly to the Farmer's Market in the Coalquay (Cornmarket Street), you will have met Caroline Robinson. Not only is she member of the Green Party of Ireland but also chairperson of the Irish Food Market Traders Association. If you think that is her normal jhob....nope, she is actually a vegetable farmer who is dedicated in using NO chemicals whatsoever in her soil.

Caroline hosted an evening last night in the Victoria Hotel (Patrick Street) where she told a big audience about how to prepare your soil, to start sowing and how to keep track of the weeds. She is full of excitment when it comes to growing vegetables the natural and we all were delighted that she took time out of her busy schedule. There is almost nothing she doesn't know about gardening and she convinced everyone that we all can do it.

I even won a raffle with great goodies from Interior Living of McCurtain Street. Simone Kelly (owner of Interior Living) is very much involved in the food scene of Cork and she and Caroline presented a fantastic evening. My goody bag included Pink Salt from Himalaya, olive oil from Sicily, Rhubarb & Ginger Jam of Natures Bounty (they won the Bridgestone Award in 2008), tin of tomatoes from San marzano, DonAntonio Pasta, Green Saffron spice mix and a French Cognac cooking for the weekend is laid out now :-)

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