Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Cookbooks on the market

Went to Waterstones the other day to snooper around the new releases of cookbooks (in case you haven't noticed, I love and collect them).

The following three sound interesting:

Sunday Roast by Johnny Scott & Clarissa Dickson Wright (surviving part of the 'Two Fat Ladies') have re-released their bestseller Sunday Roast but this time including a roasting tin, meat baster and an no excuse anymore. Price at Waterstones is €20.50

Clodagh McKenna - who also wrote (and re-released the "Irish Farmer's Cookbook) - has published her latest book 'Fresh from the Sea'. Lots of photos from her but she also speaks passionately about the fishermen. If you like fish and would want something different than good old Rick...this might be it. Careful tho.....hardly any new recipes but good old favourites. It is based on her TV show ...not sure if it has already aired cause I haven't seen it yet. Price at Waterstones €19.55

The Barefoot Contessa has also a new cookbook out called 'Back to Basics'...I watched her a couple of times on telly (too American for me) but I do love her kitchen ..... price at Waterstones €23.99

You can go never wrong with Clarissa Dickson Wright. her cooking is rustic, no fuss whatsoever and simply very honest. So I might go for her book - and you can never have enough roasting tins and aprons (last count of aprons in my kitchen = 6).


Chrispie said...

Hi Elke
What a pleasure to come across your blog!. i am a blogging virgin (as the comparisons between our two blogs would testify!: in case you are minded to look). I really love yours and have bookmarked it already. I was a member for a while of Slow Food and totally subscribe to its principles-but as i don't have a car, often couldn't go to events and so dropped out. Would like to get involved again but am a bit shy-it strikes as a bit cliquish at times and i tend up not making that much contact as everyone knows each other so well.
By the way, I own only 4 aprons so must catch up!. on the plus side, i do have an entire bookcase just for cookbooks...
May i recommend you try out The Silk Purse upstairs from The Cruibin in what was the old Lobby gig room. The team there seem to be genuinely enthused and committed. Had amazing halibut last week. The rest really good too. Lemon tart was ok but pastry awful which is common with head chef who don't know their patisserie arse from their elbow and could care less. As a former pastry chef i couldn't resist giving them the slimline version of Jacques pastry recipe- and the waiter actually wrote down what was really an off the cuff comment from me! Thought i'd be legging it down the back stairs to escape the chef but apparently they're eager to learn. It's that kind of place. Good luck to them. Mains around 16 euros.

Elke said...

Hi Christina,

Welcome to the blogger world and I bet you will be up and running soon enough as it will become addictive. My last count on cookbooks has exceeded the number 100.....stopped counting then :-)

I have tried the Silk Purse already and had a wonderful meal. And I agree the desserts aren't the best but Paul and Frank are very keen to learn and improve. I believe that they are on the right track.

I am heading the committee of Slow Food Cork City and would love you to get involved again. It has been a bit awkward in the past, I agree but we are working hard to overcome that. Our next event will be in Gort Na Nain and if you like to attend, we can meet and I give you a lift. Contact me on and I give you more info.

Good luck with the blog (and it looks very sleek).