Saturday, May 30, 2009

Prodigo Malbec 2005

Whenever I am in town, I pay Austin in Bubble Brothers a visit (will of course avoid him in the next few days as Man Un lost in the final and I don't really want to look at his smirk). The last time I was there, the Prodigo (Alessandro Speri is originally from Verona in Italy but moved to Mendoza in Argentina in 2002) called me to take it home - and I am the type of person who listens to the voices. Anyhow, I like Malbec and since it was an Argentinian one I thought how bad can it be especially having won 'Wine of the Year 2008' in Singapore.

The colour is quite bright compared to others but it has a full bouquet which translates into soft cherry flavours. Easy tannins make the drinking very easy indeed. I wished it would have lasted a bit longer on the palate but the smooth finish made kind of up for it.

Won't be my favourite but I won't be too upset either if someone brings along a bottle. I had it without food but with lots of girlie gossip as Carol helped me with the wine :-).

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