Monday, June 1, 2009

Kitchen Garden in May

Wow....what a day yesterday. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and everyone was smiling. What perfect day.

We used it to get the garden back on track. Due to the bad weather and me being busy with the Grow Bake Cook Award, my dad had to deal with the demands of the garden all by himself.

I freed the strawberries from their weeds and we covered it now with a strong net to keep the big black birds away from it and we tried to get all the seeds/seedlings in which have been waiting so patiently. Red cabbage, more white cabbage, radishes etc.

My Jerusalem Artichokes are coming on nicely as well as the green Asparagus. We won't be able to harvest any this year but we should have some lovely ones next year. Can't wait to try the first crop next May. Sofie not only gave me the Jerusalem bulbs but also a tomato plant called 'Moneymaker' after I lost my you can see from the money yet but I bet I will have lovely tomatoes soon.

The pumpkin looks also good so far and if we are not getting a summer that is too wet as last year, I should be rewarded some plump good looking pumpkins and butternut squashes....

My herbs needed some tender loving care as well and they look at their best again. My hanging baskets (no herbs but pretty flowers) were also updated and groomed.

Our duckling babies have settled in nicely and can leave their little 'yard' soon to meet the other ducks and hens. We are in hope of little chicks as a hen is sitting on a nice bunch of eggs. I spent the rest of the day (it got too hot after a while) sitting in the garden, reading and enjoying a lovely glass of rose.....hope we are getting more days like this.....just perfect days (of course, avoided the news as I didn't want to spoil the peace of the day)

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