Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Can we feed ourselves?

Ivan McCutcheon from West Cork has posted a very interesting article on his blog well worth a read.

West Cork has a great tradition with their local producers and Cork Leaders and Slow Food West Cork have a great relationship in supporting this tradition.

The question raised in this article is simply if we are able to continue to have the quality in food than we had in the past. Global climate change and overpolutation might force us to re-think our food supply. What I never understood actually is that we are a country of Agra culture, sheep farmers and fishers and yet, I only know of one miller who sells his flour, the price for lamb is getting ridiculous and the fish supply is quite limited as most of the catch is being exported (that's why some of the restaurant owners have to import their prawns). What is the sense behind that?? Why don't we simply feed our own people first before we go ahead and export most of the products Ireland can be so proud of.

I am still very lucky, having a dad who is a genius when it comes to keeping chickens and ducks, who has the greenest finger ever and who is determent not to use any unnatural fertiliser (that means that it stinks sometimes) and the quality of my food is exceptional because if this.

The news lately write that the costs of living is decreasing......I wonder where? Cause not here in Cork that's for sure.

So enough moaned....but read the article. Well worth it.

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