Monday, June 15, 2009

Curios Wine Offer

The sun was still shining when I got my wine order from Curious Wines today (doesn't do it at the moment tho). They had an offer on last week, 12 bottles of rose for €99 and of course I couldn't resist. The box was a mixture of:

2 x Paarl Heights 2008, South Africa (€8.99)
2 x Winston Hill 2007, California (€9.49)
2 x Farnese Montepulciano D'Abruzzo 2007, Italy (€9.99)
2 x Long Neck Shiraz 2007, South Africa (€9.99)
2 x Quinta El Refugio Toro 2007, Spain (€9.99)
2 x Santa Alicia Cabernet Sauvignon,Shiraz 2006, Chile (€9.99)

That gave me a saving of €16.88. Not a bad value. Will tell you all about the wines in the next few days. I was also asked to do a wine tasting with the ICA ladies of my area and I will use some of the wines for this tasting (watch this space for more updates).

That was definelty a recession buster offer.....which came bang on time (I ordered Thursday and the delivery was here on Friday but I was driving aunt and uncle from the UK to the beach). And I even got a corkscrew as a first order gift....


Jenny - The Wine School said...

Can't wait for your tasting notes!

Elke said...

Hi Jenny,

Congrats on the website. Looks amazing. One of the few moments where I wished I lived somewhere else. Would love to attend one of your 101s. Just sitting in my living room at the moment and opening the first bottle which is the Winston Hill. Watch this space for the tasting notes.


UK freight said...

I have tasted not Winston Hill 2007but another Winston Hill wine before and it was excellent for the price.
I find a lot of the cheaper wines are as good as more expensive ones - probably as they are made on mass.