Friday, June 19, 2009

Imagine a world without fish

Let me get political again (don't do that very often, so keep reading). I take it for granted sometimes that I can buy anything I want at any given time. And it is only when I see movies like the one below that make me re-think my attitudes towards my behaviour. The movie below highlights what could happen if we continue to eat fish (and I guess it goes for anything really) like we do.

Will I stop eating fish now? - Nope, I like it too much to be honest. But it has been a while since I bought cod (that doesn't mean that I don't order it in restaurants). Farmed salmon is just as good (I bet only a few real gourmets will actually taste the difference between wild and farmed salmon). So I do try to do my part in protecting endangered fish but is that enough??? Does this take the fun out of cooking and eating? I still enjoy both actually. We can't be all veggies, the world couldn't deal with that either.

Anyhow, enjoy what ever you are eating at the moment. It has been made, caught, cooked for your pleasure.

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