Thursday, June 18, 2009

Winston Hill Syrah Rose 2007

Anita came over the other day and I thought the occasion was asking for a lovely meal accompanied by some even lovelier wine. Since this event wasn't planned, I had to do what was in the larder and fridge - so we settled on a mushroom risotto and still dreaming about the mushroom risotto I had the other day in Augustine's I added even truffle oil. And as the sun was still shining and 2 giggling girls were united, the occasion was asking for a rose (remember my delivery of roses from Curious Wines?). As the risotto had quite strong flavours I thought a Syrah would do just fine and guess what - I was right.

Winston Hill Syrah Rose 2007 is a Californian wine and as such had rich fruit flavours of raspberry and even a bit strawberry without being sweet. It was actually quite dry for a rose - so perfect for the meal. The colour was a rich pink and the bouquet was quite fruity compared to the dryness of the wine. This would also be a wine that can be drunk on its own on a warm summer day in the garden, at the beach or simply with lots of girlie friends.....The first wine from the Curious delivery and it did indeed deliver.....lets see what the other wines hold.

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