Friday, July 24, 2009

Annie's Gastropub

Was meeting with Caz, Dorothy and Jan last Friday in Annie's Gastropub in Sunday's Well. Haven't been in that pub in ages (at least 5 years ago when it was still an old men's pub) and was looking forward to see what they have done to the pub. Before I go into the interior, I have to admit that I am a bit old-fashioned when it comes to pubs. I like them traditional, dark and cosy (Dennehy's in Cork Market Street, Hi B in Oliver Plunket Street coming to mind) so take my comments with a spoon of sugar.

You come into the pub via a small hallway, the walls are bare white - and I mean bare, no pictures, photos or anything - with a dark wooden floor. The bar is lovely with tiles around the floor. A huge blackboard is on the wall when you come in (I didn't see it as I went straight in without turning my head). Only when I was asking for the menu was I directed back to the entrance with the board. Amy Winehouse was playing in the background - still I couldn't help but feel a bit uncomfortable when I sat down. The room had a cold atmosphere.

The guests were a nice mixture of girlfriends meeting for lunch, elderly who didn't want to cook for themselves and us.....

The waitresses are nice, attentive and friendly and also they don't know where the food comes from, they do know it is a gastropub (was that told with an eager face when I asked for the menu). But the girl went back to the kitchen to get the answers from the chef.

The menu is changed regularly, with the regular favourites like potato & leek soup, penne with tomato and chilli sauce, grilled seabass and rib eyed steak. Desserts included banoffi pie.

Caz ordered the smoked chicken salad with mango salsa (she almost licked the plate), Dorothy had the panfried mackerel (a bit overcooked) and I opted for the penne with chilli sauce (a lovely kick from the chilli - otherwise nothing to difficult to get right). Jan ordered a healthy Heinecken.

I have no idea about the prices as Caz took it on to pay the bill.....thanks a mill.

All in all a nice place with the potential to become a foodie destination if they can get away from the 'canteen' feel and to top the food a bit more and train the staff about the food they serve.

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