Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ups, I cheated

...Jan came over on Tuesday and I offered to cook a curry for us (was actually planned for Wednesday that he and Caz were coming). Anyhow, since I was short in time, I decided to use the two spice mixes I purchased from Green Saffron last Sunday at the Medieval Festival in Carrigtwohill. I never used the mixes before but used to give them away as gifts. Anyhow, this time I decided to use them myself.

I had the Chana Masala (chickpea curry) and Red Lentil Dhal (I loooovvvvveee Dhal) mixtures. Canned tomatoes and coconut milk are always in the cupboard. I even had the aged basmati Arun Karpil was so raving about - only the best for Caz and Jan (even without Caz).

The instructions were easy to follow (although in earlier versions of the mixes, the recipes were on the pack - this time I had to download them from their website) and it was really quick. The aroma flying through my kitchen were simply mouthwatering and the results were actually very good. I prefer my Chana Masala a bit less thick (the spices in this case were overpowering) but the Dhal was simply perfect.

I paid Austin of Bubble Brothers a visit in the English Market and asked for a wine that would go nicely with the meal and he recommended Meyer Pinot Blanc 2007, €17.50 from Alsace - organic and biodynamic. The wine was fresh and clean and cut very nicely through the spices. And since Jan and myself had to drive that evening we just left it at one glass each but I had no troubles finishing the wine last night even without food. And it was still very clean, apple fresh and simply one of the better whites from the Alsace.

And even with the food and wine, Jan and I were still able to talk about his upcoming wedding to Caz......getting so excited :-)

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