Saturday, August 29, 2009

Above & Beyond Parsley

You might remember (and I know you read this blog viciously every day) that I had a lovely weekend with friends in Kerry a few weeks back when we went to Valentia Island. My visit in the Knightsbridge Cafe ended with the buy of 2 cookbooks. It took me a while to read them properly (yeap, I am a busy woman these days) but now I have finished the book 'Above & Beyond Parsley' and have to say, the subtitle 'Food for the Senses' is matching the photographs in the book. Did you think that pork tenderloin can look sexy...just look at the title. The book is the work of 'The Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri' - an organisation committed to help the communities and all proceedings of this book that was printed first in 1992 went to projects supported by the league. Anyhow, the book is worth the buy as the photographs are really outstanding (although most recipes don't have pictures) and the recipes are plentiful. But that is not all the book offers....lots of hints and tips are scattered throughout the book, tips on how to dress a dinner table (centerpieces, how to place cutlery etc) and it covers everything from breakfast, appetizers, soups & stews to meat and fish and of course my favourite subject desserts. As the book is American, all measurements are in US metrics (just to let you know 1 stick of butter is 125g). The recipes are creative, the instructions simple and it offers something for every taste. I haven't cooked from it yet, but I might use it as inspiration for my next dinner party (the hazelnut tart sounds yummy)....happy cooking

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