Monday, August 31, 2009

Mitchelstown Food Festival

I finally made it to Mitchelstown on Sunday. Unfortunately I missed the real interesting stuff but I went to see the producer market in the Business Park. Rain was just pouring out of the sky but very clever people decided to have the market indoors. What a buzz...lots of stall - just a note: if you are planning to go into food business, baking is covered for the load, every second stall was bakery - music was playing in the background, kids had a play area and you didn't even hear the rain outside. Gwen's Chocolate sold their amazing chocs and cookies, Liz (who won the cupcake competition during the Midsummer Festival) had a wonderful display of her cupcakes - she has a collection of wonderful old cakestands), lovely cheese stalls were calling out to me. I also got some lovely relish.....yummmmmmmmm. All in all it was a great way to spend a Sunday.

I went then to Dublin Airport to pick up Wendy and had some time to kill. So I scooped up a new magazine called 'Eat In' - not really new but I haven't come across it yet. Nothing new on the recipes either - especially since Jamie Oliver published exactly the same recipe of is new cookbook (something American this time) in this month Delicious I will be happy enough not to buy it again...

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