Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cool Blog is the proof.....bloggers can become easy as easy peasy. The Good Mood Blog is run by Donal Skehan (who looks about 15 years old) and he has publish the Good Mood Food Book (are there anymore variations of 'ood'???) and has received great reviews. I should really start writing recipes down...if I remembered them afterwards :-(

Anyhow, the blog is really cool. He has a little cousin who helps him along and the whole blog has a great feel to it. According to the times were are in - he has posted some mince pies recipes which look yummy enough....that reminds me that I have to do some serious baking myself these days. I normally bring a tin of pies down to Anita's mum.

Anyhow, have a look at the blog - if you haven't done so already. Photos and recipes make this a blog to re-visit over and over.

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