Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Cookbooks - and I want them all :-)

Went to Waterstones the other day and had to drag myself out as I wanted to buy them all. Waterstones in Cork changes the cookbook section each year for Christmas and they have lots more titles on offer. And this week, they have either half price or €6, in case you are not sure what to get me from are some ideas:

Not so sure if this is a new book but nevertheless, it is a great book. I love the relaxed atmosphere in the River Cafe and the food is what it says on the tin - simply good. And how wrong can you go with classic Italian food....

The Irish 'Duchess' of cooking was at it again. I love that Darina is trying to get kids into good local and fresh produce and to get families back at the dinner table and this book shows all there is to know how to things the right way. My own nan was a treasure chest of old traditions and most of them she passed on to me. If you want to go back to basic and really live the 'slow' way, this book is for you. €6 off at Waterstones at the moment.

Ok, this might not really be the cookbook you will have next to your cooker but it would just look perfect on your bedside table. This book is a beauty and totally impractical if you are short of time (mashed potatoes take about 3 days - just kidding).....but it is worth having (wouldn't buy it myself...but please feel free to get it for me)

Delia is back - and thanks God. She might not be the most entertaining chef on telly but if you are a novice to cooking, this lady is the best thing that can happen to you. Her recipes are simple (no cheffy tricks) and work always. She doesn't pretend to be a chef but a damn good cook. If this is the first Christmas you have to cook Christmas Lunch and you want to impress your in-laws....get this book and you will be the best daughter-in-law ever.

Thomas Keller, owner of the French Laundry in San Francisco has opened a second restaurant in 2007 called ad hoc (long story - read more about the restaurant here ). Anyway, Thomas Keller has been voted best chef in the world and you can expect great things from him. Ad hoc is not as complicated as The French Laundry Cookbook but still damn good (I really should stop saying damn at this time of the year).

There are of course lots more out there......and I can't wait to get my hands on some of them (can't get them all - I would need an extension to the house)

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