Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Food Magazine

Okay, Jamie got one, Rick Stein got one (at least a Christmas edition) and now Clodagh McKenna got one - her own magazine. The launch issue is just out and of course I had a peak. The magazine is called Homemade and it is not just about cooking but also entertaining - how to dress a table, how to make personalised place settings, thrifty homemade chic etc.

Clodagh has recently returned to Ireland after a long stay in Italy (and who could blame her - I love Italy) and is dead busy with cooking demos etc. The magazine has a personal feel to it and I actually like it. Since Clodagh has her roots in Cork, we have finally lots of info about our region rather then being concentrated on Dublin all the time. She also writes about places she visited while in Italy - so a good read if you are planning your next vacation there. Lots of info on suppliers and of course, recipes. The party planner is handy for those you usually panic a week beforehand :-)

The price is €3.95 which isn't too bad. There will be 6 issues per year and I hinting already that this might be a nice 'stocking filler' for me :-)

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