Monday, December 21, 2009

Richard Corrigan: Christmas Cook-a-long

Richard Corrigan will be cooking live on Tuesday (tomorrow) a complete Christmas Dinner....and you can call in with questions. Selected viewers will cook a long Richard in their own homes. This concept was quite successful with Gordon Ramsay and it is highly entertaining. The show will be broadcasted in 2 parts starting at 7pm on RTE1 and again at 8:30.

'Live from Farmleigh House in the Phoenix Park, Richard Corrigan - with the help of Mary Kennedy - cooks the perfect Christmas dinner in real time. The show will be transmitted live in two sections, 19:00-19:30 and 20:30-21:00. The Meath master chef will interact live with the audience at home, allowing viewers to participate with their questions about this once-a-year culinary challenge. The show will also feature festive choral music.'


Colm said...

Does anyone know what he plans to cook or should I just let the force guide me on my shopping trip this afternoon?

Elke said...

Hi Colm,

Couldn't find any information on the subject. Just found out by accident that the show is on (I don't buy TV guides :-). So you will have to trust the force. I will not be cooking along but taking notes


Anonymous said...

Hi do you happen to have the recipe for the mix that Richard used to rub under the Turkey breast. It used a spice combination. Used it last year and it was a great success. Can't find where I made a note of it.

Elke said...

Hi Anonymous...I think you will find the recipe for his ham here

Good luck and let me know how it went