Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some Foodie News

Nothing much happening here at my house at the moment. This year we are planning to spend Christmas Dinner at the In-Laws so I have nothing much to do. All my foodie gifts are prepared and ready get into the little hampers I am giving away this year.

You will remember that I had my two nieces over the other day and they made the wonderful gingerbread house......I am in the mood of making another one so I made the dough today and it is resting until tomorrow when I bake the pieces.....so watch this space at the weekend when you can see the pride and glory of all gingerbread houses...

Read today that Rachel Allen is fronting a campaign for O'Briens Sandwich chain. Was never really a fan of O'Briens but then....they never asked me to consult on their sandwiches...Rachel will create 'Signature Sandwiches' which will go on sale on January....let me know if one of you are trying them.....like to know what is so special on them (I am a sandwich snob - only eating sandwiches I made myself).

The Cork Evening Echo is featuring a series of Good Food Guide to Christmas. One part of todays feature is to give an 'edible gift'. I love the idea as it is my game plan this year...suggestions by the Echo is homemade fudge, bread, preserves and cookies......and guess what, they do not offer the recipes....so here are some links where you can find recipes: Fudge, Bread, Preserves and Cookies. Have fun....Let me know what you are giving away this year - edible stuff of course.....not really interested in your novelty socks :-)

When you are in princess Street these days, pay Nash a visit. Claire Nash always takes great care when creating her much sought after hampers.....a great gift for any foodie (including me by the way).

And since one can not be prepared too much....from 8th to 12th February 2010 Cork will be hosting the Good Food Ireland Week. This event is a celebration of restaurants (Good Food Ireland Members), cafes, puns and cookery schools who are committed to using local produce and to support the artisan heros of food. Watch this space for more info.

So, that's it for now. Have to admit that I am not prepared at all (apart from the foodie goodies, I have nothing done....I can see some stress clouds building up over my house in the next few days)...


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Caroline@Bibliocook said...

Good Food Ireland week in Cork sounds really interesting. Must watch out for that.

Elke said...

Hi Caroline, yeah I was excited to see that Good Food Ireland is doing so much work at the moment. It is great that things are happening in Cork rather than in Dublin all the time. Taste of Cork should also come back next summer.....watch this space


Caroline@Bibliocook said...

I certainly will!