Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bar Pintxo

Linda and myself took the train up to Dublin Sunday 14th and we decided that we needed some informal surroundings for our thirst of wine. A look through Menupages.ie told us that Bar Pintxo might be the right idea.....and yeap, it was.

Bar Pintxo looks quite small from the outside but is quite spacious inside. Tables on the wall side are quite narrow together but downstairs has an extra room (on the night it was used as a private dining room for a girly party). All tables were taken when we arrived so we decided to sit at the bar. The atmosphere is dark-cosy, the way I like my wine bars to be. The bar displayed some of the tapas just as it is tradition in Spain. Some of the waiters were actually Spanish and the kitchen was manned by a tiny girl and a very tall guy.

The menu showed the usual suspects with hot and cold tapas but what I really liked they actually offered deep fried whitebait....a staple in all Spanish tapas bars but hardly to get here. I opted for mushroom croquettes (they were suppose to come in a creamy sauce - which didn't find its way to my plate) and tomato bread (wasn't the best I have had - try the one in An Cruibin). Linda opted for deep-fried squid and also some tomato bread.

The wine list showed some nice wines but we opted for Torres San Valentin (since it was Valentine's Day) and it was actually very nice. The total price came to €38.70 (we asked for some nuts and got almonds with a bit of salt charged €3.25). We had a good time, the staff were friendly although at times quite slow.

If you are in Dublin, pay them a visit.....even if it is just to use their toilets.....need to be seen to believe ;-)

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