Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Forgotten Skills in Greece???

Still can't believe that I really turned a year older (and in case you are wondering how old I turned last week - easy to remember, it is always 25. You can't go wrong if you stick to this number).

And I got some really nice pressies from lovely wine, chocolate, giftcards for my favourite cloth shop, a purse to cookbooks. Linda got me Darina Allen's Forgotten Skills and I have to say, it is a great book. The book covers really everything in Darina's own style. Short and merciless. I wished sometimes for more detailed instruction and background information. For some recipes she lists sources but have to say, not for all. But all in all a good book if you want to get back to basics.

The second book I got is a Greek Cookbook written by Theodore Kyriakou called 'A culinary voyage around the Greek Islands. Sofie knows me really well as this cookbook was still missing in my collection. Theodore Kyriakou is a well known Greek chef and food writer and runs the award winning restaurant "The Real Greek' in London. The book is lovely written with lots of photographs and little stories about his sailing tours around the Greek Islands. In my head I am already planning the next dinner party which will include Broad beans with braised lamb sweetbreads, yoghurt and herbs. Sounds just too delicious (and I am saying this as a veggie). Watch this space for updates.

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