Monday, April 4, 2011

Electric at South Mall

A few months ago I saw that a new restaurant/bar has opened in South Mall but only last week was when I was finally able to go. I met Linda for lunch at Electric on Thursday and was there before she came so grabbed a table and waited. A waiter came and asked me if I was ok (not sure if this is the new way of asking if I like to order something or if I looked lost). Before I was able to open my mouth to ask for tea, I was told that alcohol was available from the bar (again, not sure if I normally look like an alcoholic) and if I wanted water - that also was available from the bar - what do they do if you ask for an orange juice?????? I was finally able to ask for tea. Sugar was in sachets on the table but I had to go - yes, to the bar - to get the milk.

Linda came and we started queuing - if you haven't been there before it is a bit hard to see that you have to go behind a pillar to order your food. I opted for the Sambo - carrot/orange soup with half a baguette (I chose brie and sundried tomatoes) for €7. The soup lacked a bit of flavour and after getting salt & pepper - yeap, from the bar - it was ok. Nothing to write home about. The baguette was lovely, the brie plentiful and it went down a treat. Not a bad choice for lunch for €7 - water was free, so something for the smaller budget.

We fancied a dessert but didn't want to indulge too much - no fear of that as they only had a small selection of desserts. Lemon tart, scones and pastries. We opted for the lemon tart which was light and wobbly and came with a little tup of cream. For €3.50 - not bad at all.

Will I go again - yeap but I will make sure that I get all I need straight from the bar :-)

The tables were quiet small - so hopefully the restaurant (which I assume is upstairs) is better furnished.


Denis said...

Thanks for the post, theres a little more to do from the sounds of your visit.

Denis @ Electric

Elke said...

Hi Denis,

Will have to come to the restaurant one evening - lunch is not the best time to judge a restaurant. People seemed happy enough and I really loved the baguette. Watch this space for updates :-)