Thursday, May 12, 2011

Denis Cotter - For the Love of Food

Denis Cotter's latest cookbook is finally available. It's called 'For the Love of Food' and the love here not only includes the food and cooking but also his new girlfriend. I personally believe that Denis Cotter is one of the most creative cooks and his book doesn't disappoint. His message that he is trying to bring across is 'Share the food with people you love'.

I can't wait to try some of the recipes - Lucy's breakfast sausages (Lucy is Ultan Walsh partner and an amazing cook in her own rights), cauliflower soup with hazelnut gougeres and beetroot risotto with lemon-fennel oil, goat's cheese and broad beans - so watch this space for updates on the recipes.

The book is divided into breakfast (or brunch), salads (as always very interesting), risotto (obviously my favourite chapter), soup (some strange combination here), mash (more interesting than you might think), all wrapped up (just one springroll here), bowls (nope, not only soups but one bowl meals), oven (a type of pizza called farinata and more) and sweetness (would have wished for more recipes in this chapter)....

His previous books have a different feel to it but nevertheless, it is Denis Cotter through and through....he was never really keen on desserts (not sure if he doesn't like cooking for eating desserts) but he has included a few and I think I am going to try Lavender set Custard with honey and this space...

happy cooking

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