Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Kitchen Garden

The weather had been very bad in the last few days with the rain just pouring down. The only ones who really love this type of weather are the weeds and the having the first dry afternoon in ages yesterday, I went to work trying to win the battle....let's say it this way, the war is still going on with no winner at the moment.

The slugs haven't managed to eat all the beans but they have been busy. I don't like slugs pellets but they are needed in this instance. These little buggers even like potatoes. Anyhow, I am determent to win the war against the invaders this space.

The potatoes - despise the slugs - are coming on nicely and I am so looking forward to the first new spuds in my kitchen. Courgettes and pumpkins looking good so far as well, red & white cabbage are steadily growing, onions are standing proud and the leeks are getting stronger as well.

When my mum moved in with me in 2004/05, she planted strawberries and she used to wait for me in Summer when I came from work with a bowl of freshly picked strawberries and it was just us two chatting about the day we mum passed away in 2008 and I hadn't had any strawberries from the garden since and I thought the plants died in the hard winter we had but to my big surprise and delight, they have survived, so I worked a whole day to free them from all weeds and grass and they look beautiful again...just have to keep the birds away. Sunny afternoons are awaiting me again and my mum would be proud seeing her strawberries in their pride and glory.

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