Friday, October 21, 2011

Masterchef in Fenn's Quay

For the first time in Fenns Quay history they are opening up their kitchen to a few succesful cooks . They will get to work along side the Fenns Quay kitchen team whilst producing there own four course menu to the awaitning paying guest.
The guests will have a night of fine food, fun and tasting of fine wines and beers with guess the wine and rate your meal as well as meeting foodies and wine enthusiasts as well as the panel of judges !! Tables will be commuinal as so everyone gets to chat and have fun and enjoy the experience for food and wine total cost will be €50 per person

what do you have to do to enter ?
* the applicants must create a 4 course menu consisting of amuse bouche, starter, main and dessert .
* the menu per person should cost no more tan €22 per person
* a litte paragraph on why they should get this opertuinity .
* closing date for submissions is the thursday 3rd of November
* applicants must be over 17
* post your entries to No. 5 Fenns Quay, Restaurant, Sheares Street, Cork
or email to

The "Chef de Jour @ Fenns Quay" final will be held 22nd 23rd & 24th of November and on the final night the winner will be announced !!!

Good Luck :-)

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