Friday, March 14, 2008

New Blog

While browsing through the Bubble Blog I came across this blog It is a shopping blog run by Paul O'Mahony. I love the graphics of the website...and of course the map where you can find farmers, food producers etc who sell directly to the customer (by the way Siopa Eile means 'other shop'). I could spend ages at this blog...have a look yourself and let Paul know what you think....or even add to the map if you know a farmer or an artisan food producer who will be willing to sell to customers directly. Happy blogging ...

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Paul O Mahony said...

Hi Elke,
many thanks for the link! Note, people will eventually be able to download the map onto GPS devices, so the goal is to get every farmer out there who sells direct to public on the map.
Hopefully other food bloggers will highlight this also, as there are so many excellent ones here.