Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I was in bread heaven

...another Wednesday at the bakery and what a night it was again. We baked white yeast bread this time and learned that you can add sour dough starter to a traditional white bread...and please let me tell you that it was simply yummy.
Declan also showed us how to make the bread in a food processor using the blades. I'd say that my kitchen machine will be very busy in the future.

The highlight was the different breadforms like sunflower and party My personal favourite was the tomato and herb bread (it looked like a foccacia but was told that it was a fogash - I bet this isn't spelt right) which I was allowed to take home..and now guess what I did when I got home.

Declan loves to share his knowledge with others and it is a delight to listen to him. He is interested in getting gap year students guys if you know some students who would like to learn the craftsmanship of baking... get in touch with schools to get the program started. Declan tried himself but it seems that the schools weren't that interested ...but I can imagine that there are some kids out there who love a good loaf of bread as much as the next one...

Can't wait for next Wednesday....


Deirdre said...

Hi Elke, really like the blog, I noticed you don't eat meat, maybe you would like to try my organic wholefood burgers (vegan) - if you want to stop by my stall (Veg-e-Que) in the Coal Quay next Saturday I would like to give you a sample to try!

Elke said...

Hi Deirdre,

Thanks for the offer. Will take you up on it. Never tried vegan food. But it will be interesting to see how it tastes. Will see you on Saturday at the Coal Quay