Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mulled Wine at Brennan's

One of the many advantages working for a company that looks after their employees (me and moi in this case) is that they are sponsoring cooking classes (at least this time ;-).

Last night we had a corporate event at Brennan's and their new head teacher, Gary Masterson, pulled out all the stops for us. We were greeted with a lovely - and i mean lovely- mulled wine. I am not the biggest fan of mulled wine but the brandy and port have helped healing this situation :-) it was really yummy.

For the health conscious we were served vegetable dippers with Tofu-Avocado mousse. If you remember last year's Cork Taste in Brennans, Gary has been one of the chefs on duty and he offered this dip there and I still love it to bits....thankfully i was positioned very strategically near the plates and bowls.
He went then on to explain how to bone a turkey and cook and serve it in portions...although the idea appealed to a lot of people (not to me...I want the full monty) they seemed rather squeamish at the sight of Gary 'butchering' the poor bird. That didn't stop them tho to tuck into the finished product which he filled with homemade stuffing.

His chocolate-orange-tart was just yummmmmmmmmmm and after the creamed potatoes I was filled up and had a grinning smile plastered over my face.

Nothing really new but a lovely evening as Gary is very entertaining.checkout Brennan's cook School for upcoming events.

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