Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Kitchen Garden in March

Finally, it seems that Spring has finally arrived (although the nights are still very cold) and dad has started to put some things together. We have some spuds in, onions and not to forget my super Jerusalem Artichokes. Seeds have been planted in pots for tomatoes, peppers, chillies and even a watermelon we planted last year is still looking good (not that we saw any melons).

Our blueberry shows some green tips and the raspberries are trying their best to show up as well. The strawberries are getting uncovered soon.

This year we are trying our luck on aubergines - keep your fingers crossed. This time of year is all about preparing the beds and grounds and to pre-seed the vegetables in pots (some can go straight into the ground). you don't see much for the amount of work you put in but the anticipation is starting to grow as you imagine what you can cook with all the goodies nature will present you with.

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