Friday, April 3, 2009

Carol has moved

For all of you out there who follow my blog (and I know it must be in the thousands by now) I have sad sad news. Carol cooks Keller has come to an end (already in October - ups) as she has finished cooking her way to the cookbook of the French Laundery. Her blog is still open, so you still have the chance of following Carol through her amazing journey. I followed it for a few months last year and she always made me smile (oaky I was laughing out loud most of the times). Her dedication was simply inspiring.

The good news......she started a new blog. It is called Alinea and is based on a restaurant she has eating in.....and guess what, she is cooking her way through that one. Follow her through this new adventure, I promise you, you will see cooking from a different perspective :-)

I haven't heard from Alinea yet...but I will have a browse through the book.

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